A girl. A girl alone at home. Dialing… Anyone could have answered her call… but it was him. His soothing, man- dare she say “daddy” - voice caught her off guard. After all, she was ready for a fight… the kind only those with malware know. He asked her name… as if he didn’t know. Sure she thought, we can play that game. She told him her name knowing he would misspell it if given a chance. Probably "morrean." Except that this was a one time call…. They’d never talk again. He began to tell her things she’d never heard before… and maybe it was semantics but she could not believe her ears when he said Sitelock was only for protecting one domain. Whaaaaatttttt? She cried out. Her heart raced. She knew he wanted to console her - physically. Maybe apply warm pressure to her shoulder with his palm. His fingertips would have been hot - he’d been typing all night. She was sure of that. She confessed that he wasn’t her only call this month. There was silence. She sensed his pain. She didn’t tell him that the other guy was younger and deeply involved and committed to her having a good experience. She was thoughtful like that. He listened to her grief - the money she’d spent and yet no changes! Finally, he danced around it but came right out and said, “you’re absolutely right” - migrate it all over to the new hosting site, wipe it clean, and then you are free of that bad server.” He said “bad server” like it was innocent and not 50 shades of bad. That was it. There was nothing more she could say to keep him on the phone. She reluctantly ended the call. She knew now, in her heart, that given the last few months of calls, she very well could marry any one of The techies. Scottsdale didn’t seem so bad. They just know how to handle her and her VENTING with a sense of calm, patience, humor and yes, unrequited romance. He didn’t say it but she knew he was taken. Alas, all the godaddys are taken… Another Hollywood Romance. #anotherhollywoodromance

And then, just when she thought it was over between them... she got an email... 

"Thanks for contacting our Customer Support Department. Customer service is a top priority at GoDaddy, and we hope our team provided you the first-class service we're known for. We'd love it if you clicked the link below to tell us how Fernando did during your recent experience."

Fernando! she cried out...... 

There was something in the air that night

The stars were bright, Fernando

They were shining there for you and me

For liberty, Fernando

Though we never thought that we could lose

There's no regret

If I had to do the same again

I would, my friend, Fernando

moreen littrell