short film / 23 min. / directed by Moreen Littrell


In the past few years, there have been a handful of quality stand-up comedy documentaries released. And I’m all for it. Any piece of art that further promotes what I love most is fine by me. And there’s a brand new one— kind of. It’s called The Hacks. It’s a mockumentary. But it still relays some hard truths about the world of comedy. And it’s good for some quality laughs.

Created and directed by Moreen Littrell, The Hacks follows a group of stand-ups preparing for a big comedy tour. Peppered with awkward moments and memorable lines – “Play with your inner child. Let your creative juices just squirt right out of you onto your fellow comics.” – the highly improvised film stars Renee Gauthier (pictured above), Alisa Gaddis, John C. Crow, Alli Breen, Brandon Moynihan, Meg Swerdlow, Evan O’Brien and Michele Phillippe.